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How Rainwater Gets into Your Home and How to Keep Rainwater Out 

Here are just a few examples of how rainwater gets into your house and how to keep rainwater out:

Most often than not, a wet or damp basement is directly or indirectly associated with rainfall. Although there are a many ways in which water can get into your home, the most common is the result of rainwater.

Rainwater may be inadvertently channeled into fill areas surrounding your home. Improperly maintained gutters and downspouts often compound the problem and increase water around the foundation. As the water saturates the soil, it makes its way down the outside surface of the foundation, searching for the path of least resistance.

If a crack in your foundation exists, the water comes in. Even in the absence of an actual foundation crack, because of the porous nature of concrete, moisture can be absorbed right through the wall, causing the wall to sweat and bleed. With a block wall foundation, a crack in a mortar joint will allow water to enter the cavities of the blocks, eventually building up to a level where it can leak into your basement. Water often becomes trapped inside these blocks and may produce a musty odor, even in the absence of visible dampness of wetness.

Since no watertight seal exists between your foundation walls and the footing, water can easily migrate through this area and flow up through the space between the wall and floor, ending up in your basement. This is the most common source of basement leakage. If the water table rises above your basement floor, the water will exert pressure on the floor, and seep up through floor cracks. If the floor has no cracks and is otherwise sound, and can withstand the rising water pressure, the water may still come up through the space between the wall and the floor, again causing basement leakage.

The key to resolving a rainwater problem is to direct water away from your foundation. This can be done by a variety of simple approaches including gutters, downspouts and grading. Other times, a more serious problem may exist which requires the services of a professional waterproofer and foundation specialist.  For more information or to schedule a free inspection and  estimate, please ask for Owner/Operator Terry Chubb at 216.732.8485 or 440.942.1169. 

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