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Why Fix a Damp or Wet Basement

Here are just a few good reasons to fix your wet or damp basement:

Increased property value. Wet basements or Foundation problems decrease your home's value by 10-15%!

A healthier home environment for you and your family.
Dampness and associated molds and mildew can greatly contribute to respiratory and other health conditions.

A more attractive and more comfortable home.
A wet and damp basement is an eye-sore and a constant nuisance to the homeowner.

A structurally sound foundation.
Water that is trapped in block foundation walls can deteriorate the foundation and buckle the foundation wall.

New usable living space.
Increase the living space in your home and finish off your basement to create a home office, family or children's play room, workshop, fitness room or, dry storage area.

It is much less expensive to finish off your basement than it is to add an addition onto your home. When one compares the cost of a room addition or sun room to the conversion of a wet basement, the wet basement will be 60 to 75 % cheaper to convert.  Contact us for more information.

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